Board of Directors

Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy (SBMA) is a nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the following individuals:

President – Andrea Gehman, former SBMA parent.  Mrs. Gehman has served on the Board since February 2012.  She has a combined 18 years of experience as a lawyer and human resources professional specializing in employee benefits and employment matters .  Her children are former SBMA students of the N.E.S.T. and Spanish Montessori classes.

Secretary – Jordan Love, former SBMA parent.  Mr. Love has served on the Board since July 2014.  He is excited to bring his background in early childhood education and school administration to the SBMA Board.  Jordan has worked in several independent schools in Washington, D.C. and Maryland since 2001 and is currently Head of Lower School at St. Andrew’s in Potomac, Maryland. Prior to becoming division head, Jordan served as Assistant Head of Lower School, and taught for over a decade in kindergarten and preschool classrooms.  His daughter attended SBMA in the Spanish Montessori class.

Treasurer – Harvey Beckham, former SBMA parent.  Mr. Beckham has served on the Board since 2011.  He has spent over 20 years working in real-estate & construction management. All three of his daughters attended SBMA in the Spanish Montessori class.

Director – Ask Eirik Storsve, current SBMA parent.  Mr. Storsve has served on the Board since April 2014.  He has more than 11 years of experience in international politics, advocacy, program management, and government contracting in three continents.  His eldest son attended SBMA in the N.E.S.T. program and the Spanish Montessori class and his youngest son is currently in the N.E.S.T. program.

Director – Brandon Mazur, former SBMA parent.  Mr. Mazur has served on the Board since July, 2013. Brandon has 14 years of experience as a Financial Advisor with UBS Financial Services in Bethesda, Maryland.  His daughter attended SBMA in the Spanish Montessori class.

Director – Amy Fitzgibbons, former SBMA parent.  Mrs. Fitzgibbons joined the Board in 2015. Her daughter attended SBMA in the Spanish Montessori class.

Director – Bela Ali, SBMA Schoolwide Montessori Resource. Ms. Bela served SBMA from 1989 to 2017, and ended her full-time teaching position as the lead teacher in the Spanish Montessori class as the Educational Directress. Ms. Bela will continue to serve SBMA part-time working one-on-one with students to support their classroom learning. She enjoys working with children and finds teaching a deeply rewarding profession.

Director – Amy Cuddy, Current SBMA parent. Amy joined the Board in 2017. She brings more than ten years of experience in marketing and communications. Amy offers interest in building a strong parent community through volunteer opportunities and increased communication. Her daughter is currently enrolled in the Spanish Montessori class and both the before and after care programs.

Director – Augusto C, Current SBMA parent. Mr. Cangahuala has served in the board since May of 2017. He is a communications professional who works for the Peace Corps supporting highly complex global initiatives. He believes extremely technical matters can be made more appealing to all audiences with a little creativity and design. As a Design Thinking practitioner he has previously supported critical NASA missions at different centers across the country. His eldest son graduated from the Montessori class in 2014 and his youngest has recently started the same program. 

Board CPA – James Brandon


We plant seeds that SPRING to life!