Second Language FAQ’s

Q: What second languages are offered to SBMA students?
A: SBMA offers Spanish, French or Mandarin to students in the Primary Montessori Program.

Q: Will students learn more than one second language while enrolled at SBMA?
A: Students will receive daily instruction in the one language program selected by each family, and will also be exposed to the other languages taught at SBMA throughout the year.

Q: Do students in the N.E.S.T. Program have any second language instruction?
A: Children in our N.E.S.T. Program are exposed to both Spanish and French through basic word, phrases and songs.

Q: How is second language incorporated into the students’ day?
A: In the Primary program, SBMA’s dedicated second language instructors work with students in small groups for 45 minutes each morning. While in their second language classes, students will hear the secondary language exclusively. ┬áThroughout the day, while in the Montessori space, the second language will be reinforced by our bi-lingual Montessori Assistants.

Q: How much do children absorb while in your program?
A: Most students that participate in our program for the full 3 years of preschool are conversational in the secondary language.  Some students, if ready, begin early literacy skills in the secondary language.

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