Primary Montessori FAQ’s

Q: What is the age range of students in the Primary Montessori Class?daisy-chain-kids-around-world-for-slider
A: Each classroom consists of children of mixed ages, 3-6 years old.

Q: How many students and teachers are in each Primary Montessori Class?
A: Each Montessori class consists of 30 students and 4 teachers.

Q: How is the Spanish Montessori Class staffed?
A: Our Spanish Montessori Program has a class of its own with a Lead Montessori Teacher, a Spanish Language Instructor, a Bilingual Assistant Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.

Q: How is the French/Mandarin Montessori Class staffed?
A: Our French Montessori Program has a class of its own with a Lead Montessori & French Teacher, a Mandarin Language Instructor and two Bilingual Assistant Teachers.

Q: How do the children spend their day in the Primary Montessori Class?
A: The children are completely immersed in the Montessori lessons designed for their individual learning abilities. They will have the opportunity to choose age and skill appropriate lessons from each of the four basic Montessori areas, which include practical life and sensorial (spooning, pouring, sorting, individual dressing frames, preparing their environment, etc.), mathematics (numbers, sequencing, addition, subtraction, etc.), language (phonetics, reading, writing, matching, etc.), and science/social studies (shapes, size, relationships, manners, etc.).

Q: Do the children work alone?
A: At any time a child may be working one-on-one with a teacher, individually, with a friend or two, or in a group with a teacher.

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