Volunteer with Us

There are many ways for parents to be involved within our community. We look to parents for support in organizing numerous activities, events, and opportunities for our students, parents, and school. If you would like to offer your professional assistance, please contact the school office or be on the lookout for invitations for parent volunteers requested throughout the year.

Observation & Conference

Parent-teacher conferences are held in November by appointment and at any point in the year by request to discuss overall student development as well as progress in the program. Parents are encouraged to bring concerns and questions to the attention of the classroom teachers, Montessori Directress and/or Head of School at any time. All children  receive a written report in January as well as at the end of the school year, documenting their progress in each specific area.

P.E.N. (Parent Education Nights)

Parent discussions are held once per month to provide insight relating to the children’s experience at SBMA. Topics include:

  • Montessori Theory and Teaching Methods
  • Second Language Curriculum
  • N.E.S.T. Curriculum
  • Presentations from our School Psychologist
  • Social Activities for Current Parents

We plant seeds that SPRING to life!