General FAQ’s


Q: How is lunch handled?
A: Students need to bring lunch from home daily.

Q: Are snacks provided?
A: Parents are asked to pay a $100 annual snack fee which covers morning snack for the full school year.  SBMA provides healthy snacks which include fresh fruit, raw vegetables, grains and diary.  Milk and water are available daily, and juice is offered on occasion.

Q: What about snacks for students with food allergies?
A: Students with documented food allergies are not required to pay the snack fee and  are asked to bring snacks from home daily.  Designated tables are maintained in each eating area for students with food allergies.

Q: How does SBMA prepare for potential accidents?
A: All our teachers are First Aid and CPR trained, and are prepared to administer rescue medication for students with documented allergies in case of emergency.

Q: How does SBMA prepare for potential building or other school-wide emergencies?
A: SBMA practices emergency evacuation routines and runs fire drills monthly.  Our loving staff takes good care to minimize the stress of these drills on our students, while emphasizing the importance of understanding the routine.   All exterior doors of our facility remain locked throughout the day.

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