Programs & Curriculum

Children can begin their academic journey with Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy between the ages of 2-4 years old, either as a student in the N.E.S.T., or in the Primary Montessori, depending on their age at the time of admission.

Our N.E.S.T. Program is intended for studentsĀ age 2 (minimum 24 months) at the start of the school year.

Upon completing the N.E.S.T., students may participate in our Summer Camp, for additional fun exploration and/or to bridge the gap between academic years.

The Summer Program is open to participants throughout our community; however, current students are given priority in registration.

New students age 3 & 4 are admitted to the Primary Montessori at the start of each new school year. Students transitioning from the N.E.S.T., as well as siblings of current or former students are given priority placement in the Foreign Language program they select.

N.E.S.T. Tuition & Fees 2018 – 2019

Primary Montessori Tuition & Fees 2018 – 2019


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