Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy (SBMA) seeks to create a learning environment in which the student is encouraged to explore his own innate sense of curiosity and eagerness to gain knowledge.  Our program is carefully designed to meet the individual needs of each child.

The difference between the SBMA environment and that of other Montessori institutions lies in the parallel instruction of a second language to all facets of the learning process.

It has been shown in countless educational research studies that the child is most sensitive and receptive to a second language during the period from birth to age six.  During these crucial developmental years, the child tends to learn most effectively not through conventional teaching means, but by absorbing information through activity within the environment to which he is exposed. This is a natural process, embraced by the child with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.

The goal of the teacher in this process is to prepare a structured environment in which the child has access to information and activities which promote positive learning.  At SBMA, learning the language of another culture is as natural as are the stimuli used to write, to count, to associate names with places and animals, and to develop sensory awareness and practical life skills.

The advantages of this added understanding go beyond the simple acquisition of a second vocabulary.  SBMA believes that to know something of the spoken and written language of another group of people is akin to being acquainted with them.  Language enables us to penetrate into another culture’s philosophy, folklore, literature and music. Through this understanding, we can begin to bridge the unnatural barriers separating the world today. We wish to give our children the inspiration to create a better world tomorrow.

Our convenient daily schedules are tailored for working parents: we open as early as 7:30 am, and are open until 6 pm, with year-round program options. Our shorter half-day programs for toddlers and preschoolers are a great option for combining a high-quality school experience with time at home.