Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy (SBMA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our Board is comprised of current and former school parents, along with teachers and staff who offer their expertise to help guide the school.  The Board of Directors currently includes the following individuals:

Interim President –Melissa Gagnier-Solis, SBMA parent. Melissa joined the Board in 2020. Melissa brings 10 years of experience in business and operations with a background in environmental engineering. She offers guidance on streamlining operations, developing and implementing processes and solving everyday problems. She has three sons, one who completed SBMA and two who are currently attending.

Director – Guillermo Arenas, SBMA parent. Guillermo joined the Board in 2019. His daughter completed the N.E.S.T. Program and is currently enrolled in the Spanish Montessori class.

Director – Sean Newell, SBMA parent. Sean joined the Board of Directors in 2019. He has spent over 13 years practicing as an attorney in Washington, DC, first as a commercial litigator, and currently as a federal prosecutor specializing in cyber investigations and cybersecurity policy.  His daughter completed the French Montessori program in 2019 and his son is currently enrolled in the same program.

Director – Chontelle Matthews-Teichroew

Director – Toni Holness, SBMA parent. Toni joined the Board of Directors in 2020. She spent seven years doing policy advocacy for the ACLU of Maryland before joining the Appellate Division of the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. Toni’s first child completed the Spanish Montessori program in 2020.

Director – Nubia Sosa, staff liaison. Nubia is currently the Lead Teacher in the N.E.S.T. class and serves as the school’s Director of Educational Programs. Nubia began her tenure with SBMA in 2008 and brings fifteen years of experience teaching early childhood education. Her passion for education and child development comes from a devotion to self-improvement. She believes the learning process must fit the child and the tools for learning are developed inside and outside of the classroom. Nubia is devoted to developing strong relationships with parents to maximize the educational experience of each child at SBMA.

Director – Bela Ali, SBMA School-wide Montessori Resource Teacher. Ms. Bela served SBMA from 1989 to 2017, and ended her full-time teaching position as the lead teacher in the Spanish Montessori class as the Educational Directress. Ms. Bela will continue to serve SBMA part-time working one-on-one with students to support their classroom learning. She enjoys working with children and finds teaching a deeply rewarding profession.

Board CPA – James Brandon